Fly fishing
The fly fishing is an art, surely, that demands of every fisherman an own style. For many it is a dream impossible to make true, we make you live it every day.

Imagine the scene that you want: mountains, volcanoes, crystalline waters or paradise and solitary rivers and lakes. To be immersed in the water up to the waist to ford a river or to go fishing from a craft. To create your own fly or to buy one chosen according to the fish you want to attract up to your fishhook.

The zone that surrounds the Huechulafquen Inn is named " the Mecca for the fly fishing ", and the Chimehuin River is considered to be, worldwide, one of the most beautiful places in the world where to practice this activity.

Lanín National Park
We rely on the best fishing guides of the Patagonia and a great variety of options for the person that comes to a fishing or relax trip, for partners or families that want to exchange days of adventure tourism, relaxation in the natural thermal baths and a few days of fishing with us. Options of wading, trolling, floats, coast in Huechulafquen Lake and all the rivers that end in the same one.

Every river and lake inside the Lanin National Park has its special characteristics, bends, wells and points of confluence. We offer you the best guides of the zone to accompany you in your fishing day, discover the secrets of every river or lake and to help you fish the best Rainbow, Brown and Fontinalis trouts.

All guides are bilingual and they will make you have an excellent day, every day, no matter the weather or water conditions.
The Chimehuin River
The Chimehuin River can be divided into three parts: the first goes from its source and the so-called Garganta del Diablo to the Junín de los Andes Regiment; the second from there to the so-called Curva del Manzano; and the third, the final stretch, from this last point to the confluence with the Collón Curá River; The ideal place for fishermen is the first section; a kilometer of rapids grade III where the best trouts are found, the water is clear and the Lanín Volcano imposes its permanent presence. The best results are obtained using large dry flies, of the atractors type.