Excursions and Activities
You and your family will meet the natural marvels of our Patagonia in a very special way.
The experience of riding between rural landscapes, rivers, lakes, the majesty of the Lanin Volcano and the mountain chain.
The alternatives of treks in paths that this protected area offers are numerous and of different difficulty beginning on the lake banks and ending in the base of the south side of the Lanin volcano.
The sight of the autochthonous species of the region includes mammals on the verge of extinction that this National Park protects, walker birds and greedy birds. The day trip of adventure tourism is a mix of the best options of adventure and relaxation that the mountain offers. Between the activities we also include kayaking and mountain bike.
Sites of interest
The routes of rubble that cross the Park lead to different sites of interest as for example the Dump, memory of a colossal eruption of the Ayen Niyeu Volcano, Lahuén-Co's Thermal baths, the Tromen Lake, at the foot of the Lanín Volcano or the Rucachoroi Lake.
The Lanin National Park offers numerous alternatives of treks of different difficulty. To a very short distance of the Huehulafquen Inn you can find Port Canoe (day time camping) where the educational - interpretive path "" The Forest ""is found, which implies an average trek of 30 minutes crossing the different stages of development and species of the local flora.
The Mapuche Raquithue y Cañicul community is based over the north margin of the Huechulafquen lake.
Ahead the Inn and Port Canoe for along the Provincial Route N º 61, you come to a narrowness: "" The Union "", where the Huechulafquen Lake joins with the Paimún Lake.
The Paimún Lake is surrounded by high mountains covered by snow and leafy forests where a varied fauna lives: colored deer, foxes, wild boars, hares, otters, between others.
Its coasts constituted of volcanic sand, in the northern part, are flat and very good for spending the day; on the contrary, in the eastern part they are steep.
The whole zone from Huechulafquen up to the Paimún is ideal for treks, camping and fishing.
The Lanin volcano
It is an inactive conical volcano that rises to 3,776 meters. of height, constituted by basalts of different ages, difficult to distinguish between them; for having received younger eruptions. The summit is covered with snow and ice throughout the year and forms a cap several tens of meters thick. Its slopes have vegetation to reach 2000 meters. Tall. The predominant forest species are Lenga, Ñire, and Pehuén or Araucaria Araucana.